• Trust and Confidence in Policing

Trust and Confidence in Policing: A Canadian Perspective

**Please note: sessions will only be offered in English**

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Dating back to Sir Robert Peel, the concept of policing being dependent on the trust and support of the community has been a cornerstone.  Some have suggested that trust is dwindling and offer a myriad of reasons as to why. This conference will explore the current state of trust and confidence in Canadian policing along with the research behind how trust, confidence and legitimacy are established, maintained and lost.  

Drawing on domestic and international experience and research, the conference will explore how various programs and approaches in policing affect trust within and across various communities and how that impact can be measured.  Oversight, transparency and policy development will be highlighted and suggestions offered on how new or present practices could be implemented in a manner as to maximize the growth of trust or minimize the negative impacts with a focus on the Canadian context.

The conference has been designed to provide the suggested audience attendees with an opportunity to link their perspective to the overall concept of Trust and Confidence in Policing. 

Who Should Attend

  • Police Leaders, Sworn and Civilian 
  • Police members, sworn and civilian with an interest in community policing and/or working in an outreach role with the community
  • Police Oversight Bodies, Police Commissions and Complaint Commissioners
  • Academics, Pracademics and Students with interest in policing research 
  • Industry and Policing Consultants 
  • Community Leaders
  • Elected Officials