Traffic Committee


    1. To provide a national coordinating role for traffic safety issues;
    2. To promote cooperation, communication and coordination among the police community and national partners;
    3. To promote sharing among police in research, training and policy standards;
    4. To develop, strengthen and maintain national partnerships;
    5. To maximize the resources of police and partners towards safer roads;
    6. To support community based service delivery by providing timely risk management information and best practices warehousing.

    Significant Accomplishments 2016/2017:

    • Committee participated in:
      • Anne McLellan’s consultations on the legalization of marijuana
      • A Senate Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs – Consultation on Bill S-230 Use of Oral Fluid Devices
      • Vulnerable Road Users Countermeasures Project
      • Global Status Report on Road Safety
      • Numerous media Interviews focusing on the legalization of marijuana
      • Numerous and ongoing conference calls on the legalization of marijuana
      • Drugs and Driving Symposium at the Centre of Forensic Sciences in Toronto
      • Meetings of the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators
    • Organized, promoted, delivered and captured all statistics for the National Traffic Safety Initiatives "Canada Road Safety Week" and "Operation Impact".
    • Encouraged submission of nominations for the national Lifetime Achievement Award and the National Police Award for Traffic Safety

    Initiatives Planned 2017/2018:

    • Continue dialogue with all stakeholders on vulnerable road users, autonomous vehicles, Drug Recognition Experts (DRE), and the pending legalization of marijuana to ensure road safety concerns are addressed
    • Continue delivery of Canada Road Safety Week and Operation Impact
    • Promote information sharing, research, training and policy standards with police agencies across Canada and

    maintain and strengthen partnerships with  CCMTA, CCSA, MADD, TIRF, and the CCSO Working Group.

    • Provide maintenance and input into the Traffic Safety Programs Catalogue.
    • Support and judge awards for contributions to traffic safety.