RF Connect is a subscription-based information and networking portal for the Canadian policing community. There are four ways to obtain access to the portal:

    1.  Become a member of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP): All active members enjoy a free subscription to RF Connect. To become a CACP member, complete the CACP Membership Registration Form or contact the CACP Membership Coordinator at admin@cacp.ca.

    2.  Purchase an annual subscription for your entire police service: The fee is based on the number of sworn members and represents a cost of only $5 - $10 per officer, per year. Complete the RF Connect Subscription Form registration form available at www.cacp.ca, in the section devoted to RF Connect.

      # of sworn members

      Under 50

         50 – 100

        101 – 500

       500 – 1,000


      Fee for subscription







    3.  Purchase a base subscription for your police service ($1,500) and pay an additional $50 per individual who would have access to the portal. Complete the RF Connect Subscription Form.

    4.  Confirm your credentials as an Academic Researcher:   All faculty members actively attached to a post-secondary institution in Canada can enjoy a free subscription to RF Connect.  Graduate students may apply for a subscription by sending an email to rf@cacp.ca with a brief explanation of the reason for wanting a subscription and the contact information for the supervisor at their university.