Strategic Communications Conference: Policing in an Ever-Changing Landscape

    **Please note conference sessions will only be offered in English**

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    Conference Description

    Improving public perception, trust and confidence in policing is one of the primary roles of an entire policing organization. Police leaders set the tone and rely heavily on their communications professionals to prepare, develop and implement collaborative leading-edge strategies and best practices towards a common, shared goal: improving communications within their services and towards the public they serve.

    StratCom2019 builds on the realities of ‘Policing in an Ever-changing Landscape’. Its goal is to prepare for whatever unknown might happen tomorrow, develop an image you wish to portray to those you serve, ensure positive relationships and community connectedness. And it rolls out the National Strategic Communications Group that acts as a resource to each of the police services in Canada as well as an advisory group to the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP).

    Conference Objectives

    Attendees to this conference will:

    1. Learn about issues management and how effective communication can help you lead in crisis, but still connect with people;
    2. Learn to apply and appreciate skilled, strategic thinking in corporate and external communications and how to measure the success and impact of police communications;
    3. Get a glimpse into the minds of working journalists and understand how access to information requests impact police communications;
    4. Discover and benefit from the National Strategic Communications Group, a nation-wide network of “been-there-done-that” police communicators who can be your resource in a crisis, maybe even your relief in a protracted situation;
    5. Learn how small/medium-sized police services can leverage the work of larger services;
    6. Learn about key considerations for effective inter-generational communications and serving culturally-diverse communities;
    7. Learn about the trends and techniques for dealing with social activism;
    8. Understand the opportunities and pitfalls of social media;
    9. Gain insight into the key success factors involved in building the image and managing the reputation of your police service;
    10. Understand the impact of public policy on policing as well as the role of policing in influencing public policy;

    Target Audiences

    Regardless of your rank or your status as a sworn member or civilian member of a police service, if you are involved in building or managing relationships within your police service or with the communities your agency serves, or you are required to speak on topics related to policing in Canada, this conference is for you. This event is intended for:

    1. Senior or executive level police representatives: Chiefs, Deputy Chiefs, Commanding Officers, Managers, Directors, etc.
    2. Police communications professionals: Corporate Communications, Internal Communications, Public Affairs, Public Information, Strategic Communications, Social Media, and Media Relations officers.
    3. Front-line communicators: Community Relations, Diversity Relations, Indigenous Relations and Community Policing Officers
    4. Police governance professionals: Police Commission members
    5. Police association and union executives
    6. Duty inspectors, watch commanders, etc