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    2017 CACP Research Foundation Conference

    Today’s public safety environment is increasingly complex. There are more and more marginalized and vulnerable people who may become victims of crime, or offenders.  Poverty, homelessness, mental illness and addiction are some of the factors that contribute to individual vulnerability, isolation and disconnection from communities and society.  Policing systems, designed to address actions and behaviours resulting from these factors, are stretched to unsustainable limits.  There is widespread agreement that we cannot continue to operate in the same way and expect better results.

    This conference will focus on practical, evidence-based and potentially transformational strategies for public and community safety.  Sessions will examine socio-economic and health issues that lead to interaction with the most vulnerable and marginalized populations.    More importantly, this conference will explore tangible and realistic strategies that have achieved results and delivered significant impact on practice and policy.

    Join us in Winnipeg Manitoba for this national research event.  You’ll have the opportunity to delve deeper into these issues and discuss with colleagues and partners from across Canada.  You’ll learn practical actions and solutions that you can apply to your daily work. You’ll also hear about innovative, relevant research and identify new areas requiring research. Major topics to be addressed include:

    • Taking a fundamentally different, evidence-based and higher performing approach to achieve large scale social impact
    • Measuring the right things and developing agile systems that give you objective information and data about what you need when you need it
    • Introducing business approaches to public service organizations
    • The Future Face of Canada: Patterns of Immigration and Resettlement
    • The unintended results of our approach to domestic violence in Canada

    Who Should Attend

    • Police executives and emerging leaders
    • Leaders in the justice system
    • Academics
    • Policy makers- federal, provincial, and municipal
    • Analysts, planners & innovators
    • Police Associations
    • Police governance bodies
    • Health and social services executives who serve vulnerable and marginalized persons 

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    2016 CACP Research Foundation Conference

    The CACP RF hosted the first-ever Canadian conference focusing on policing research during March 2016, in Montreal. The event brought together 160 police executives, academics, police researchers and expert speakers from across Canada to focus on the need for, and ways to incorporate, evidence-based policing throughout the policing system in Canada.

    Highlights and outcomes of the 2016 conference are provided here.

    Current and emerging issues in policing research will be explored each year at an annual event hosted by CACP RF. 

    Members of the CACP RF are encouraged to attend the Annual General Meeting (AGM) which takes place during the CACP Annual Conference each summer.

    The 2016 AGM took place at 15:45 on August 14-17, 2016 at the Shaw Centre in downtown Ottawa.

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