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    About The CACP Research Foundation

    As society evolves and becomes more complex, a host of social issues and new forms of criminal behaviour demand alternative, innovative solutions. This is taking place at a time when police are scrutinized and held accountable for their actions more closely than ever. 

    Public confidence in policing depends on effective, evidence-based strategies and practice. Police leaders, policy makers and academics recognize that Canadian policing needs a system-wide transformation rather than incremental adjustment. Credible research plays a pivotal role in that transformation.

    The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police Research Foundation (1982) Inc. (CACP RF) is a registered charitable foundation that works to make evidence-based research an integral part of Canadian policing. Aligned with the CACP, the CACP RF promotes policing research that results in better policing decisions so that Canadian communities continue to thrive.

    Summary from the CACP Research Foundation Board of Directors on the Canadian Police Executive Research Agenda 2017

    ANNOUNCEMENT: The CACP Research Foundation and RF Connect are Transitioning to the Future

    The Board of Directors of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) and the Board of Directors of the CACP Research Foundation (RF) met in March 2018 to develop a transition plan to transfer the leadership and administration of the Research Foundation and the RF Connect portal to the CACP.

    Members and clients will continue to have access to the benefits, products and services they currently enjoy.

    The CACP Research Foundation will continue to exist with a vision to enable evidence-based decision making in policing. The legal transition of governance will involve revisions to the Constitution of the RF and is expected to be completed by the Annual General Meeting scheduled to take place in August 2018.

    The CACP RF Connect portal for the Canadian law enforcement community will continue to exist and offer subscribers the ability to access, store, and share research and information online, as well as to connect with one another, academics, public safety and other law enforcement related experts. The CACP will be honouring existing subscriptions and will continue to explore opportunities to improve this tool and expand its subscriber base. Please direct any inquiries you may have about RF Connect to rf@cacp.ca.

    The CACP’s Executive Director will assume the duties of Interim Executive Director of the CACP Research Foundation until the legal transition of governance is completed, at which time the role will be confirmed and will no longer be an interim function.  It was felt that having one person to oversee the operations of these distinct yet complementary organizations will be an effective, efficient and impactful way to maximize the potential and synergies of the CACP and the Research Foundation.

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