Research Briefs

    The Research Advisory Committee of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) Research Foundation is responsible for the implementation of the SME Research initiative.

    A research brief is the summary of the best available evidence on a specific topic area, provided by an academic subject matter expert (SME) in that area. Each brief provides a primer on the research surrounding an important policing issue, begins a discussion on that issue, and points individuals to further resources to learn more.

    A new SME Research Brief will be produced each month and will be posted to the “Research Briefs” section of the CACP’s RF Connect portal, accessible from the “Home Page”. The assigned SME will also make themselves available through this same portal to answer questions, engage in discussion, and share thoughts on their area of expertise.

    The following is a list of the upcoming SME research briefs to be published over the coming months:

    October 2019: The Victim Offender Overlap, Inspector Dan J. Jones, Edmonton Police Service 
    November 2019:  Problem Oriented Policing, Dr. Rick Linden, Professor, University of Manitoba
    December 2019: Body Worn Cameras, Dr. Rémi Boivin, University of Montreal
    January 2020: Use of Force, Dr. Craig Bennell, Forensic Psychology Research Centre, Carleton University
    February 2020: Innovation and Futurist Policing, Gerry Doucette, Defence Research and Development Canada – Knowledge & Technology
    March 2020: Hate Crime, Dr. Sara Thompson, Associate Professor of Criminology, Ryerson University
    April 2020: Police Training, Dr. Chris Giacomantonio, Research Coordinator, Halifax Regional Police Service
    May 2020: Economic Studies of Crime, Simon Demers, Research Manager, Vancouver Police Department
    June 2020: Risk Assessment for Intimate Partner Violence, Ms. Mary Ann Campbell, Professor, Psychology and Centre for Criminal Justice Studies, University of New Brunswick