Research Agenda and Proposals

    Research Proposal Endorsement Program

    The CACP RF encourages police services and researchers to initiate new research into topics and issues most needed by the policing community. Endorsement by the CACP RF indicates to police services and funders that a proposal satisfies criteria of the Canadian policing community, represented by the CACP RF Board. Click here for evaluation criteria.

    To be considered for endorsement by the CACP RF, proposals must be submitted through the RF Proposal Template  and include a 2-page executive summary.

    Submit proposals to the CACP RF at rf@cacp.ca 

    Guidelines for Police Academic Partnerships

    There is a long history of successful working relationships between police and academic researchers in Canada. The increasing need for evidence-based research by police leaders seeking more effective and efficient ways of solving problems and achieving goals bring many more opportunities for creating productive working partnerships with Canadian universities and colleges, particularly with institutions featuring strong justice and social service programs.    

    Good will and mutual trust are essential to any working partnership and there will be many variations to the circumstances of police and their academic communities across Canada.

    This paper offers basic guidelines for achieving shared goals with your research partner.