Research Advisory Committee


    Promote the creation, sharing and use of research to support evidence-based policing in Canada and to advance the Canadian Police Executive Research Agenda.


    1. Improve internal capacity within the CACP to create, share and use research;
    2. Facilitate progress with the Canadian Police Executive Research Agenda and priority research areas in policing;
    3. Increase evidence-based decisions and initiatives leading to broader professionalism in policing.

    Key Initiatives

    1. Serve as a liaison to help CACP committees identify their research needs and assist with knowledge translation so that they can adopt an evidence-based approach to decision making and the production of deliverables in support of CACP strategic priorities;
    2. Develop an inventory of research partners/initiatives and build a police research network that connects partners/projects with individual CACP committees and/or member organizations to address research gaps in policing in Canada;
    3. Review and provide recommendations on CACP Research Foundation endorsement requests for the support of the CACP or to conduct research projects within the CACP;
    4. Manage the receipt and distribution of funds via the CACP Research Foundation’s charitable donation program in support of research projects, graduate studies, scholarships, etc.;
    5. Support the CACP and/or CACP Research Foundation conference planning committees to ensure a research component is integrated into event programming;
    6. Identify emerging policing issues and trends that require data and research;


    Deputy Chief Devin Laforce and Dr. Sara Thompson

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