The CACP is pleased to work with Naylor Association Solutions and MultiView who are responsible for managing the advertising opportunities as well as the production of the following high-quality publications:

    Canadian Police Chief Magazine

    • Published three times per year (Winter, Spring/Summer, Fall)
    • Provides a forum for the executive policing community to exchange their knowledge, expertise and views
    • Contains reports from the CACP Executive, CACP Committees, experts in the policing field and feature articles on some of the most important and complex issues facing Canadian policing today.

    CACP Bulletin

    • Semi-annually Publication - Digital Edition
    • Focuses on issues that matter to Canadian police executives
    • Promotes professional development opportunities
    • Includes information on CACP and partner activities
    • Highlights leading practices and emerging trends in policing

    CACP Annual Review

    • Annual publication - Digital Edition
    • Keeps the community up to date on CACP Committees & activities as well as conferences, events, awards, and resolutions
    • Includes policing-related articles of interest to the general Public

    CACP Membership Guide (restricted access for members only)

    • Annual publication - Digital Edition
    • Includes a membership list and information on membership engagement opportunities

    CACP News Alert

    • Weekly e-broadcast message to subscribers with timely information updates on CACP, policing, and public safety news items.


    CACP Communiqué (Discontinued - Click here to access the archives)