CACP Policing Partnership Award

    The Policing Partnership Award recognizes a partnership established between the public and private sectors to improve the overall safety and security of Canadians. This award is presented to an individual who has developed a partnership that has succeeded in creating a crime prevention initiative that has been beneficial to the partnership and Canadians in general.


    • Police officers and civilians who develop innovative solutions to address policing and public safety issues.


    • The participation in a partnership with the private sector has strengthened the overall effectiveness of policing initiatives and has yielded successful results.
    • The development and maintenance of this partnership involves an ongoing effort.
    • The partnership has improved public security and safety.


    • Nominations must be submitted to the CACP by April 15th.
    • Download and complete the Nomination Form, including the signature of the chief of police or the senior executive-in-charge of the individual(s) being nominated.
    • Email the completed Nomination Form to cacp@cacp.ca. (Note: All nominees will receive a nomination certificate recognizing their efforts.)
    • Support material such as videos, CDs and promotional material may be mailed separately to:  Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, 300 Terry Fox Drive, Suite 100, Ottawa, Ontario K2K 0E3. Please include a clear reference to the nomination submitted electronically.


    • The CACP National Office will submit the nominations received to the Selection Committee.
    • The Selection Committee consists of members of the CACP Private Sector Liaison Committee.
    • The winning nominee’s chief of police or senior executive-in-charge will be contacted and an invitation will be sent to the winning nominee with details about the award ceremony.


    • April 15th: Deadline to submit nominations.
    • May 31st: Deadline for the Selection Committee to complete the evaluation process.
    • June: The winning nominee(s) is/are notified.
    • August: The award will be announced/presented.


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