Policing Partnership Award

    The Private Sector Liaison Committee (PSLC) strives to connect the private and public sectors by promoting and fostering key partnerships to improve the overall safety and security of Canadians.  Through this Committee’s work, many successful partnerships have been and continue to be formed, from which both sectors have derived much benefit. It is thus the desire of this Committee to recognize these partnerships and achievements they have accomplished to date.

    Criteria for the Award (must meet one or more of these points to qualify)

    • Participation in a partnership with the Private Sector that has strengthened the overall effectiveness of initiatives and has yielded successful results.
    • Development and maintenance of this partnership as part of an on-going effort.
    • Improvement of public security and safety as a result of the partnership.

    Awards Process

    1. The Private Sector or Police Service who has successfully demonstrated the criteria for this award is eligible to fill out the nomination.
    2. The nomination form is to be completed in full and sent to respective Chief’s office.
    3. The form must be signed by the nominees’ Chief of Police or designate and emailed to (CACP_PSLC@rcmp-grc.gc.ca) by February 28th, 2017.
    4. Once endorsed by the Chief or designate, all Nominees will be sent a nomination certificate recognizing their efforts.
    5. All Nominees will be reviewed by the PSLC Rewards Recognition Committee.
    6. The Committee will select one winner for the overall Policing Partnership Award.
    7. The Chief or designate of the winning Nominee will be contacted and an invitation will be sent to the Nominee with details on the award ceremony.

    Download Nomination Form


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