Resolutions Adopted at the CACP AGM

    08/16/16 - 08/16/17

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    Four resolutions were passed at the CACP AGM:

    • Resolution for the Support of a Competency-based Human Resource Framework for Canadian Police Services (CBMF) - the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police calls on the Government of Canada (Public Safety Canada) to provide the necessary funding for the on-going accessibility and updating of the CBMF.
    • Child Physical Abuse Imagery - The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police urge the Government of Canada to protect children by amending the Criminal Code to prohibit the making and posting of child abuse imagery as well as mandating the removal and deletion of such images from the Internet.
    • Reasonable Law to Address the Impact of Encrypted and Password-protected Electronic Devices - the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police urges the Government of Canada, for the purpose of community safety, to identify a legislative means for public safety agencies inclusive of law enforcement, through judicial authorization, to compel the holder of an encryption key or password to reveal it to law enforcement.
    • Increase Measures to Further Restrict the Availability and Use of Reactive Targets in Canada - the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police urges the federal, provincial and territorial governments to prevent the misuse and criminal and terrorist use of reactive targets (exploding targets) by increasing measures to further restrict their availability and use in Canada.