News release - National Police Week 2021

    05/09/21 - 05/09/26

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    National Police Week: Working Together to Keep Our Communities Safe

    Ottawa, ON, May 9, 2021 – Today marks the beginning of National Police Week – a seven-day public awareness campaign that encourages new connections between police and the communities they serve. The theme for 2021 is “Working together to keep our communities safe” and we are celebrating our role and our pride in being an important public safety partner.

    Public safety involves a collaborative effort within police agencies and between police services, first responders, as well as social and community organizations. Many professions are required to partner to manage the risks and impacts to the health and safety of Canadians as a result of crime, natural disasters, mental illness, addiction, etc. The health and safety of our communities are built upon four pillars: treatment, harm reduction, enforcement, and prevention. The police take pride in their leadership and/or support role for each of these pillars. As frontline first responders, police officers are often the gateway to many community supports. Our goal is always to make that first contact meaningful and to achieve the best possible outcome.

    We realize that not all police interactions successfully achieve these goals. We have heard the public demand alternative responses to public disorder. It is important to know that we are listening and that we have been making changes to adapt, to be more responsive to better serve as well as meet the needs and expectations of the communities we serve. The success of police services in Canada today depends on our ability to create, maintain, and strengthen relationships with various community partners and stakeholders.

    Across the nation, our police officers and civilian professionals serve proudly on the frontlines under very challenging circumstances to keep our communities safe. While we recognize the need for evolution, it’s equally important to recognize the progress we have made, the many successful relationships established, and the collaboration that already exists with valued partners in communities across Canada, ” said Chief Bryan Larkin, President of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police.

    Policing in Canada is dependent on the trust, accountability, and support of the community – these are cornerstones of our profession. This week, we wish to remind Canadians that we are listening, and that we will continue to work with you, with various levels of government, and with various community partners and stakeholders to find opportunities and solutions that work for the people of Canada to ensure public safety. Because diversity and inclusion are our strengths, we are also committed to enhancing our recruitment, hiring and promotion processes to increase the quality of our recruits and accelerate the diversification of our organizations so that we can be more representative of, and be more responsive to, the communities we serve.


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