News release: Canadian Police Services Launch National Methamphetamine Public Awareness Campaign

    01/05/21 - 01/05/26

    FROM: Organized Crime Enforcement Bureau

    DATE: January 5, 2021

    (ORILLIA, ON) – January is Crime Stoppers Month in Canada and the theme for 2021 is “Helping All Communities Stay Safe”. In support of this theme, Crime Stoppers Canada, the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) and police services across Canada are launching a national public awareness campaign over the next several months to help educate the public about the negative impacts of methamphetamine and how it poses a threat to the safety and well-being of our communities.

    Under the auspices of CIROC (the Canadian Integrated Response to Organized Crime), participating police services will feature a variety of communication strategies in order to provide information on indicators of methamphetamine production and the prevalence of methamphetamine within their local communities. Police services will focus on encouraging members of the public to report suspicious activity to their local police service, or to remain anonymous and report to Crime Stoppers.

    Did you know?

    • Many Canadian law enforcement agencies have identified an increase in the use, trafficking, importation and production of methamphetamine.
    • Methamphetamine has emerged as one of the most significant commodities within organized crime; entrenched from production, to importation and distribution.
    • The production of one kilogram of methamphetamine produces about six kilograms of toxic waste. This waste is usually disposed of through illegal dumping resulting in environmental contamination and health hazards for the public.

    CIROC encourages social media followers to share the messages and information in order to help educate other members within your community of the potential indicators of methamphetamine labs as well as the dangers methamphetamine production poses within our communities.

    About CIROC

    CIROC represents the totality of policing within Canada and coordinates national efforts to disrupt organized crime through information sharing and collaboration. These partnerships extend beyond policing and include agencies such as Canadian Border Services Agency, Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada and other federal government departments.


    “Canadian law enforcement and its critical partners, such as Crime Stoppers, will undertake to aggressively pursue, disrupt and dismantle criminal organizations involved in the proliferation of illegal commodities, including methamphetamine, into our communities.” – OPP Deputy Commissioner Chuck Cox, Provincial Commander - Investigations and Organized Crime, CIROC Co-Chair

    “The success of law enforcement efforts and this public awareness communication campaign rely heavily on the engagement of our citizens. Awareness and the reporting of suspicious behaviour is of critical importance if we hope to counter the public safety risks posed by organized crime.” – RCMP Deputy Commissioner Mike Duheme, Federal Policing, CIROC Co-Chair

    “The general public can be a powerful ally when it comes to combating organized crime. They can be our eyes and ears all across the country. Reporting suspicious activities is one way we can work together to fight the drug crisis.” – Chief Bryan Larkin, President, Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police

    “The threat of methamphetamine production and its distribution within our communities continues to escalate. Often with ties to organized crime, this criminal activity poses a threat to our personal safety. The Canadian Crime Stoppers Association and its 87 member programs that support all communities across Canada encourage the public to report any suspicious activity to Police or to Crime Stoppers anonymously. Together we can help all communities stay safe.” – David J. Forster, President, Canadian Crime Stoppers Association


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