News release: CACP Recognition Awards 2022

    08/09/22 - 08/09/27

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    August 9, 2022

    The CACP selects three individuals to receive the CACP Recognition Award

    QUÉBEC, QUÉBEC – During the Opening Ceremonies of the 117th Annual Conference of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP), the CACP recognized three individuals who have demonstrated exceptional involvement, extraordinary support, and outstanding initiative in advancing the CACP’s goals and strategic priorities.

    Chosen by the President of the CACP (now Past President), Deputy Commissioner Bryan Larkin, with endorsement from the Board of Directors, the 2022 winners of the distinguished CACP Recognition Award are considered to be leaders among leaders. They are individuals who exemplify the association’s values of courage, integrity, respect, transparency, inclusiveness, excellence, and compassion.

    The CACP recognized the contributions of Retired Chief Trevor MacCagherty for his wisdom and sage counsel, lifelong service, and exemplary leadership.  More specifically, he received this award for successfully completing the development of the first-ever CACP Executive Mentorship Program. This was achieved during the COVID-19 pandemic, which meant repeated changes and adaptations. Thanks to his dedication and passion, the CACP was able to bring 32 emerging police executives into the program, with several of them having since been promoted into executive positions across the country. The CACP has received significant positive feedback on the success of the program, a testament to retired Chief MacCagherty’s leadership, passion, and determination. His commitment to excellence and innovation have resulted in a truly first class program that brings out the best in mentors and mentees and helps build greater unity within the policing community.

    Chief Constable Adam Palmer of the Vancouver Police Department was recognized as a strong voice of police leadership in Canada and as the champion of the CACP Police Executive Mentorship Program.  In 2018, he challenged the CACP Board of Directors to take police leadership and the development of current and future police leaders further, recognizing and forecasting significant challenging times ahead as a profession. Through his involvement with the Police Executive Research Forum and the Major Cities Chiefs Association, he encouraged the CACP to look internally, within our nation, to draw on the amazing police leaders within the organization. He emphasized that there were lessons to be learned from each other, and there was a need for police leaders to be part of each other’s organizations. He is a strong proponent of working collectively. It was Chief Palmer’s vision that brought the CACP Police Executive Mentorship Program to life. One of the unintended consequences of this initiative was police unity. As the mentorship program currently brings aspiring police leaders together from all corners of Canada, it looks like the reach and impact of the program may now reach beyond our borders as the International Association of Chiefs of Police has expressed interest in making this a global opportunity. Chief Palmer’s vision and leadership will continue to contribute directly to the development of Canadian policing’s most promising leaders.


    Superintendent Bill Spearn of the Vancouver Police Department was recognized for his exemplary work and contribution to drug policy at all levels of government through the CACP Drug Advisory Committee. His tireless efforts to support the community, suppress dangerous drugs, and modernize policy had a significant impact in Canada. Superintendent Spearn was recognized posthumously after losing a courageous and valiant battle against cancer. He is remembered for his immense passion and empathy. Superintendent Spearn recognized that the individuals he encountered needed a helping hand or a different path. In 2019, he participated in the CACP Executive Global Studies Program which was focused on researching the topic of decriminalization. The work of this group became the foundation of the CACP policy paper on a modernized drug framework for Canada. January 2023 will mark the launch of the first -ever exemption in British Columbia to decriminalize low thresholds of illicit drugs. That is a direct result of Bill’s passion and the work he did on behalf of the CACP. (Chief Constable Adam Palmer accepted the award on behalf of Superintendent Spearn’s family.)


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