National Framework on Collaborative Police Action on Intimate Partner Violence

    08/22/16 - 11/22/16

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    The CACP Board of Directors enthusiasticly approved the recommendation of the CACP Crime Prevention, Community Safety and Wellbeing Committee to launch the "National Framework on Collaborative Police Action on Intimate Partner Violence (IPV)".

    The development of the National Framework was completed in collaboration with the ‘Canadian Observatory on the Justice System’s Response to Family Violence’ at the University of New Brunswick.  It was prepared under the guidance of Dr. Carmen Gill and subject matter experts from across Canada over the past two years.

    The framework is research and evidence-based and will be rolled out across Canada as a guide to police leaders and community stakeholders to better inform agency policy development.  It will assist policing to provide better service to victims of IPV and create safer communities in doing so. The framework embraces the very essence of the principles of contemporary community policing and the critical importance of collaboration among partners.

    Our congratulations to the Committee co-Chairs: Chief Leanne Fitch (Fredericton Police Service) and Chief Kimberley Greenwood (Barrie Police Service), and to the members of the CACP Crime Prevention Committee.

    This framework will be formally launched in November during Family Violence Prevention Month.