Media Release - Community Safety Information Management Strategy and New Tool Kit for Police Agencies Featured during Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police National Workshop

    02/22/16 - 02/22/17

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    Vancouver, B.C., Monday, February 22, 2016 – Chief Clive Weighill, President of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP), and Chief Constable Adam Palmer, Vancouver Police Department, opened the CACP Bi-Annual Information and Communications Technology Workshop in support of the Canadian Community Safety Information Management Strategy (CCSIMS).

    Greater than 200 leading experts from across Canada and the United States are in attendance to further develop the CCSIMS - a strategic document that sets goals and identifies key national priorities to enhance governance, planning, technology, training and exercises to promote information management in Canada. The CCSIMS provides a series of action items that include milestones to help emergency responders and relevant government officials make measurable improvements in day-to-day operations and emergency communications on an annual basis.

    The CCSIM Strategy aligns with the Communications Interoperability Strategy for Canada and will be enabled by the following key elements:

    • Effective Governance;
    • A Responsible Sharing Culture;
    • Supporting and Balanced Legislation;
    • Established and Implemented National Data Standards and Supporting
    • Standards-based approaches, Procedures and Processes; and
    • Technology Enablers for Responsible Information Management for Community Safety.

    The CCSIMS promotes the vision for a comprehensive and integrated information sharing capability as part of a broader communications interoperability strategy for Canada in coordination with United States (U.S.) partners as required. The overarching intention of this document is to assist key community safety stakeholders to work in a coordinated manner while respecting federal, provincial and territorial laws, regulations, and existing plans. The extent of participation by any jurisdiction is encouraged, but remains voluntary.

    To view a CACP video about the CCSIMS please click here.

    The CACP also announced the release new Information & Communications Technology Toolkits to help CACP members move forward information management and technology initiatives. They are designed specifically for usage by Canadian Law Enforcement agencies. Toolkits currently available include guidance on issues such as “moving to the Cloud” and mobility.

    The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police was established in 1905 and represents approximately 1,000 police leaders from across Canada.  The Association is dedicated to the support and promotion of efficient law enforcement and to the protection and security of the people of Canada. Through its member police chiefs and other senior police executives, the CACP represents in excess of 90% of the police community in Canada which include federal, First Nations, provincial, regional and municipal, transportation and military police leaders.

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