Joint Statement Signals Significant Statistical Enhancement for Canada’s Criminal Justice System

    07/15/20 - 07/15/21

    Joint Statement Signals Significant Statistical Enhancement for Canada’s Criminal Justice System

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    July 15, 2020

    Ottawa- Today, Statistics Canada and the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police and Statistics Canada released a joint statement committing to work with Canada’s policing community and key organizations to enable police to report statistics on Indigenous and ethno-cultural groups in police reported crime statistics on victims and accused persons.

    “The collection of data on Indigenous and ethno-cultural identity has been a subject of discussion in Canada for many decades. The need for quality data about the experience of Indigenous peoples and ethno-cultural communities with Canada’s criminal justice system is paramount to understanding the extent to which people from these communities are represented in Canada’s criminal justice system, beginning with their interactions with the police,” said co-chair of the CACP’s Police Information and Statistics Committee, Deputy Chief Stu Betts of London Police Service.

    Statistics Canada and the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police know that the demand for this information has never been greater than now and are committed to identifying ways to provide reliable police statistics on Indigenous and ethno-cultural groups.

     “Disaggregated data is vital for decision making in multiple sectors and Statistics Canada is committed to working with the CACP to ensure Canada’s official police-reported crime statistics reflect indigenous and ethno-cultural groups,” said Anil Arora, Chief Statistician of Canada.

    In 2020, dialogue will be held with Indigenous and ethno-cultural groups and organizations to ensure the information collected are relevant and to identify ways of ensuring quality information that meet the needs of these communities. Statistics Canada and the CACP will work together to provide training and guidance to police services on the information to be gathered and how it should be reported. The goal is to provide annual national, provincial, territorial and if possible, regional justice related statistics to inform evidence-based decision making.

    In moving forward it is absolutely fundamental to continue engagement with communities and partners.


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