CACP Statement - Exemption of BC to decriminalize possession of illegal drugs

    06/01/22 - 06/01/27

    The CACP applauds this initiative as an evidence-based approach to determining whether decriminalization for simple possession of illicit drugs is a viable solution that can successfully be adopted in all regions of the country.


    CACP Statement: Supreme Court of Canada decision to strike down life without parole for mass murderers

    05/27/22 - 05/27/27

    The CACP continues to believe that the number of victims/lives taken must be a relevant factor in the sentencing of offenders who commit multiple murders.


    News Release - Canada Road Safety Week 2022

    05/17/22 - 05/17/27

    This campaign aims to increase public compliance with safe driving measures to save lives and reduce injuries on Canada’s roads by focusing on the elimination of impaired driving, distracted driving, aggressive driving, and driving without a seatbelt.


    News Release - National Police Week 2022

    05/15/22 - 05/15/27

    National Police Week 2022 is an opportunity for us to emphasize how police officers are both members of the community they live in and members of the police community they work in. This year, we celebrate our efforts to be “connected to our communities”.


    CACP Statement: Discussing public safety and policing with Canada's provincial and territorial Premiers

    04/21/23 - 04/21/27

    The CACP met with Canada's Premiers to discuss the safety of front-line police officers, the management of repeat violent offenders by Canada’s justice system, and the escalation of gun, gang, and other violent crime in our country.