National Police Week


    National Police Week began in 1970 as a way for the police to connect with their communities and to increase awareness about the services they provide.

    The National Strategic Communications Group, consisting of strategic police communicators in police services across the country, has been entrusted with the responsibility to develop and promote the campaign.

    Working together to keep our communities safe

    This is the theme for National Police Week 2021. Public safety involves a collaborative effort within police agencies and between police services, first responders, as well as social and community organizations.

    Several professionals are required to manage the risks and impacts to the health and safety of Canadians as a result of crime, natural disasters, mental illness, addiction, etc. Health and safety are essentially built on four pillars: treatment, harm reduction, enforcement, and prevention. The police take pride in their leadership and/or support role for each of these pillars. As frontline first responders, police officers are often the gateway to many community supports. Our goal is always to make that first contact meaningful and to achieve the best possible outcome.

    This year we are celebrating our role and our pride in being an important public safety partner. During this public awareness campaign, we will be featuring the various partnerships and collaborative efforts that contribute to the safety of citizens in communities across the country.

    A toolkit will soon be available to help support this public awareness campaign. The toolkit will include:

    • A poster
    • Social media content
    • A news release template
    • Outreach template letters intended for partners
    • Video vignettes