Mission,Vision & Priorities


    Supporting police professionals through innovative and inclusive police leadership to advance the safety and security of all Canadians.


    A leader in police excellence.


    Courage | Integrity | Respect | Transparency | Inclusiveness | Excellence | Compassion


    Our mission and vision are achieved through:

    1. Our people:
      1. We believe in the professionalization of policing in Canada.
      2. We support today’s police professionals and help develop the police leaders of the future.
      3. We broaden the body of professional knowledge in support of the development of progressive, community-oriented leaders at all levels.
    2. Partnerships:
      1. We believe in policing in partnership with the community.
      2. We collaborate with public safety professionals and community partners to promote engagement and inclusion.
    3. Advocacy:
      1. We believe in advancing our profession and to promoting trust and legitimacy in our police services.
      2. We are the recognized voice of police leaders in Canada both nationally and internationally.
      3. We counsel and work with government agencies to advance legislation, regulations and policies that support crime prevention, facilitate effective investigations, solve problems, and support a victim-centered and trauma-informed approach.
    4. Research:
      1. We believe in evidence-based policing.
      2. We support research initiatives as well as innovative strategies and practices to ensure sustainability, best practices, and the responsible management of public resources.


    Strategic Priorities

    1. Policing with Indigenous Peoples
    2. Drugs
    3. Mental health: Employee wellness and police interactions with people in crisis
    4. Public perception, confidence and trust in policing
    5. Electronic Crime
    6. Guns, gangs and organized crime
    7. Road Safety
    8. Equity, diversity and inclusion
    9. Innovation / Future of policing

    Monitored Issues

    1. Public and mass transit across the country (as a means to help prevent terrorism)
    2. Public Safety Broadband
    3. Next Generation 911
    4. Justice Reform
    5. 5G Technology
    6. Sexual Assault Investigations
    7. Use of Force
    8. Canadian Community Safety Information Management Strategy (CCSIMS)