Safety and security for all Canadians through innovative police leadership


    1. Advocating legislative reform, resources allocation and policy improvements with the people of Canada and their governments
    2. Advocating innovative solutions for crime and public order issues with association partners and concerned people of Canada
    3. Advocating community partnerships with the people of Canada
    4. Advocating the highest professional and ethical standards within the police community
    5. Promoting excellence through the provision of support and information to association members
    6. Conducting the business and operation of the association in a manner that ensures transparency to the membership


    The CACP strives to uphold its mission through:

    1. CONSULTATION:  Enhance public safety and security by collaborating with professional and community partners.
    2. ADVOCACY:  Advance legislative and policy reform to prevent and investigate crime, support victims and solve problems in the interest of building healthy and safe communities.
    3. PROFESSIONALISM:  Broaden the body of professional knowledge in support of the development of progressive community-oriented leaders at all levels.
    4. SUSTAINABILITY:  Research and support innovative strategies and practices to lead the responsible management of public resources.

    Key Deliverables:

    1. Leadership Development: continuous professional learning conferences, workshops and resources  to develop new competencies and capacity
    2. Thought Leadership:  policy positions, practice guidelines, strategies, and frameworks to develop consistent approaches and procedures to address strategic policing issues/priorities of national significance
    3. Advocacy: A consistent voice for the police community through government relations to influence various levels of government and departmental ministries with legislative and executive responsibility in law and policing
    4. Research: Conduct research projects to obtain data and statistics to inform and support evidence-based leadership
    5. Public Education: Conduct public relations and outreach initiatives to encourage and facilitate community-based policing as well as positively influence public perception and trust in policing
    6. Partnerships: Collaborate with professional and community partners as well as academia to expand the reach and impact of the association and its capacity to promote and address strategic policing issues/priorities of national significance
    7. Governance: Conduct strategic business and financial planning in support of ethical decision-making and service delivery