Membership Classes

    Membership in the association is divided into four classes – active, associate, life and honourary.

    Note: Please refer to the Application Process section for details on how to become a CACP member.

    Active Member: A sworn member currently serving as a senior representative in a Canadian police service or law enforcement agency. The following persons are eligible to be an Active Member:

    • Chief, Chief Constable, Deputy Chief, Associate Chief, or Assistant Chief
    • Commissioner, Assistant Commissioner, or Deputy Commissioner
    • Director, Deputy Director, or Assistant Director
    • Director General, Deputy Director General, Associate Director General
    • Superintendent, Chief Superintendent, or Staff Superintendent
    • Inspector,  Chief Inspector, or Staff Inspector
    • Bureau Commander, Region Commander, or Commanding Officer of a Division
    • The civilian equivalent of any of the foregoing First Nations, municipal, regional, provincial or federal police forces in Canada
    • Public and private agency representatives with policing related positions at a level equivalent to an Inspector or civilian senior manager
    • Canadian Forces Provost Marshal and Deputy Provost Marshal, and Senior Military Police Officer in charge of Military Police training delivery.

    Associate Members: A person who is not actively serving in a Canadian police service, but is qualified in police or other law enforcement activities. The following persons are eligible to be Associate Members:

    • Any serving officer of a police force legally constituted by an act of Parliament or of a provincial Legislature, or a by-law of a municipality, provided that:
      • they are not a member of the same association, brotherhood, or union as are constables or noncommissioned officers of their police force; and
      •  their Associate membership is recommended by their chief officer;
    • The chairperson or president of a police commission, board or committee, legally constituted, and any serving member thereof upon the recommendation of the chairperson or president;
    • The chief officer, deputy or assistant chief officer of an organization in Canada, not eligible for Active membership and engaged full time in policing or in corporate security;
    • The director, deputy director and regional director of any federal government department engaged in enforcing the laws of Canada and serving in Canada;
    • A person, other than an appointed and sworn peace officer, qualified by professional attainment in police administration, police science, police training, or in related fields.

    Life Member: An Active or Associate Member in good standing for a period of five (5) years at the time of their retirement from service for reasons of voluntary separation, age, health, or superannuation. Life members are elected by a majority vote at an Annual Conference, with the exception of members in good standing vacating the office of President of the Association. They automatically become Life Members.

    Honourary Member: Any policing official not eligible for Active or Life membership who has rendered distinguished service in policing or any person of distinction in Canada or elsewhere. Honourary Members may be elected by a majority vote at an Annual Conference.