Information, Communication and Technology Committee

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    The Information and Communications Technology Committee identifies issues of concern and recommends courses of action regarding Information Management and Information and Communications Technology for the endorsement of the CACP, and coordinates action with other CACP committees and stakeholders.  The committee endeavours:

    1. To promote and recommend information management and interoperability best practices and standards among public safety partners in Canada and internationally to enhance the safety of both the public and public safety responders; and,
    2. To encourage the CACP’s involvement in promoting information and communications technology opportunities and solutions that serve police and public safety requirements and to advance best practices among the law enforcement community, public safety partners, and through the criminal justice system; and
    3. To monitor emerging technologies and trends for their impacts on policing best practices and to determine how they can be applied to improve the quality and effectiveness of policing and public safety.

    Strategic Priorities/Objectives:

    1. Getting valuable ICT information into the hands of Chiefs through consultation, focusing on professionalism and sustainability. 

    Significant Accomplishments 2016/2017:

    • Maintained strong connections with industry.  The Committee has welcomed a member of CATA and a member of academia support Committee efforts.
    • Continued work and support of CITIG to create a structure that will manage the 20 MHz broadband data spectrum for public safety in Canada.
    • Continued work on the use of Cloud technology and two factor authentication methods for hand-held devices – issues that enable our operational groups to get the right information to the right person at the right time.
    • Provided the theme and arranged presentations for the 2017 CACP Annual Conference.
    • Acquired grant for CCSIMS progress from the Canadian Safety and Security to coordinate and further the effort.
    • Worked with IDC Canada by way of a CSSP grant to study the use of advanced analytics and visualization techniques being used in Real Time Crime Centers.
    • Worked with IACP Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Committee, Computer Crime and Digital Evidence (CCDE) Committee and the CJIS Committee to enhance sharing between the two organizations. Provided a Cyber Security Checklist, written for the Chiefs to them.

    Initiatives Planned 2017/2018:

    • Move forward with pilot projects and experimentation for the 20 MHz spectrum to demonstrate the benefits it provides to public safety in Canada. Work with the University of Regina to test 700 MHz Broadband.
    • Host the 2018 Biennial ICT Workshop