Latest News

The CACP issues a statement on replica firearms.

Chief Constable Del Manak is sworn in on the CACP Board of Directors to represent the province of British Columbia.

The CACP released the March 2021 edition of CACP Connexions which provides a summary of the motions approved during the CACP Board of Directors meeting on March 24, 2021.

The Research Advisory Committee releases their new SME Research Brief on Constable Scarecrow: Reducing Speeding Via Inanimate Police Presence.

The CACP and Canadian Police Association issue a joint statement advocating for police officers to be a priority on the COVID-19 vaccination list. 

The CACP issues a statement on Bill C-22 addressing systemic discrimination, disproportionate representation, and simple possession of illicit drugs.

The CACP appears before the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights to present its statement on Bill C-247 on coercive control.

The CACP issues a statement on Bill C-21 pertaining to firearms.

The CACP invites all police services to adopt and implement the new Child Search Network being made available free of charge by the Missing Children Society of Canada to support all high-risk missing children investigations in Canada.

Upcoming Events

Webinar: Policing and Homelessness in the Age of Pandemics

05/27/21 - 05/27/21

Webinar: Policing and Homelessness in the Age of Pandemics


CACP National Human Trafficking Symposium

12/05/21 - 12/07/21

Moving Forward Together A Collaborative Approach to Ending Human Trafficking


Media Updates

CACP Statement: Replica Firearms

This statement expresses the CACP's support for the proposed legislative changes of Bill C-21 regarding replica guns, and provides an explanation of our public safety concerns related to imitation guns.


Joint CACP/CPA statement: Front-line police officers should be a priority on the COVID-19 vaccination list

Policing is an essential service. Public safety is our priority. Therefore, police officers should be a priority on the COVID-19 vaccination list.


News release: An RCMP IPOC Unit and a division of the Canada Revenue Agency receive the 2020 CACP Award of Excellence for Combatting Organized Crime

The CACP is proud to announce the winner of an award recognizing and rewarding the contributions of individuals and/or teams who have exhibited excellence, innovation, and initiative to detect, disrupt, and dismantle criminal organizations.