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Latest News

  1. On January 26, the CACP issued a statement on the Death of Tyre Nichols following a police interaction.
  2. On January 16, the CACP issued a statement on bail reform and legislation addressing firearms-related offences.
  3. The CACP completed revisions to the CACP Guidelines to the Regulations Governing the Award of the Police Exemplary Service Medal.
  4. On December 30, the CACP issued a statement on the Release of Violent and Repeat Offenders on Firearm-related Charges.
  5. On November 30, Chief Pierre Brochet (Laval Police Service) swore his oath to serve as one of three Vice-Presidents on the CACP's Board of Directors. The Board also inducted Assistant Commissioner Rob Hill (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) as the Director representing the province of Manitoba, and Chief Gary Forward (Woodstock Police Force) as the Director representing the province of New Brunswick. 
  6. On November 22, the CACP's Drug Advisory Committee supported Bill S-256 - the Canadian Postal Safety Act to close a loophole that currently impedes police from seizing fentanyl and other contraband sent through Canada Post mail. 
  7. On November 21, the CACP's Special Purpose Committee on the Review of the Cannabis Act submitted a report to health Canada containing 31 recommendations. The report will be made available online as soon as it becomes public.
  8. The CACP published the Fall 2022 edition of the Canadian Police Chief Magazine
  9. On October 27, the CACP appeared before the House of Commons' Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security to present the CACP submission on Bill C-21 regarding firearms.
  10. On October 20, the CACP, the CPA and the CAPG issued a joint statement offering condolences and calling for support after the tragic murder of a fifth Canadian Officer in the line of duty.

Upcoming Events

Canadian Policing Wellness Check

03/06/23 - 03/08/23

A Collaborative National Conference


Critical Incident Management - A National Conversation

03/27/23 - 03/29/23

Building Trust Through Collaboration and Innovation


CACP/MACP National Police Leadership Conference

04/24/23 - 04/26/23

Ethical Leadership: Management by Design


Media Updates

CACP Statement - Death of Tyre Nichols

The CACP issues a statement following the tragic death of Mr. Tyre Nichols following an altercation with five Memphis Police Department officers.


CACP Statement: Bail reform and legislation addressing firearms-related offences

The CACP welcomes and supports the call to action contained in a letter from the provincial Premiers to Prime Minister Trudeau calling for changes to the bail system and to legislation addressing firearms-related offences.


CACP Statement: Release of Violent and Repeat Offenders on Firearm-related Charges

The CACP supports the OACP in calling for legislative reforms, including the bail process involving violent repeat offenders and violent firearm offences.