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Latest News

  1. The Winter 2023 edition of the Canadian Police Chief Magazine is now available.
  2. The Emergency Management Committee appoints a second co-chair in the person of Superintendent Wallace Gossen.
  3. On March 1, co-chairs from the CACP’s Crime Prevention, Community Safety and Well-being Committee, Law Amendments Committee, and Victims of Crime Committee met with representatives from Minister Lametti’s office to discuss changes being contemplated to the National Sex Offender Registry following the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision that mandatory and lifetime registration on this registry is unconstitutional. 
  4. The Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee has released an updated edition of the Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Glossary of Terms
  5. Chief Francis Lanouette returns as co-chair of the Crime Prevention, Community Safety and Well-Being Committee and is joined by Deputy Chief Harj Sidhu who replaces Deputy Chief Shirley Hilton as co-chair.
  6. On February 3, the CACP submitted a written report on Bill S-231 to the Senate Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs regarding the increased identification of criminals through the Use of DNA Act.
  7. Superintendent Domenic Sinopoli, from the Toronto Police Service, was appointed co-chair of the Ethics Committee, replacing Deputy Chief François Duguay.
  8. The Lawfully Authorized Electronic Surveillance sub-committee launched a pilot project on expedited production orders that will began on January 9 and will continue until June 30.
  9. On January 26, the CACP issued a statement on the Death of Tyre Nichols following a police interaction.
  10. On January 16, the CACP issued a statement on bail reform and legislation addressing firearms-related offences.

Upcoming Events

CACP/MACP National Police Leadership Conference

04/24/23 - 04/26/23

Ethical Leadership: Management by Design


118th CACP Annual Summit

08/20/23 - 08/22/23

118th CACP Annual Summit


COMGIC – Educational Workshop

10/03/23 - 10/05/23

Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs - A Culture of Violence


Media Updates

CACP Statement - Death of Tyre Nichols

The CACP issues a statement following the tragic death of Mr. Tyre Nichols following an altercation with five Memphis Police Department officers.


CACP Statement: Bail reform and legislation addressing firearms-related offences

The CACP welcomes and supports the call to action contained in a letter from the provincial Premiers to Prime Minister Trudeau calling for changes to the bail system and to legislation addressing firearms-related offences.


CACP Statement: Release of Violent and Repeat Offenders on Firearm-related Charges

The CACP supports the OACP in calling for legislative reforms, including the bail process involving violent repeat offenders and violent firearm offences.