Latest News

Chief Constable Adam Palmer is the new President of the CACP.

5 new resolutions adopted by the CACP membership.

11 awards of excellence in policing and public safety presented during the CACP Annual Conference.

August is National Drug Drop Off Month.

The Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics has released a new Juristat article, report and infographic on Revising the classification of founded and unfounded criminal incidents in the Uniform Crime Reporting Survey

The Government of Canada announced the new National Cyber Security Strategy:  Canada's Vision for Security and Prosperity in the Digital Age

Statistics Canada released a report and infographic related to police-reported crimes in Canada in 2017.

Juristat released a report and infographic­ related to the statistics on unfounded sexual assaults in Canada in 2017.

Upcoming Events

COMGIC – Educational Workshop

10/02/18 - 10/04/18

Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs - Organized Crime


CACP Counter-Terrorism and National Security Forum 2018

10/16/18 - 10/17/18

The 2018 CTNS Forum will provide participants with: an understanding of the National Security Threat, the challenges associated with CT investigative efforts, and information on the four pillars – Prevent, Detect, Deny, and Respond.


Trust and Confidence in Policing: A Canadian Perspective

11/14/18 - 11/16/18

Dating back to Sir Robert Peel, the concept of policing being dependent on the trust and support of the community has been a cornerstone. Some have suggested that trust is dwindling and offer a myriad of reasons as to why. This conference will explore the current state of trust and confidence in Canadian policing along with the research behind how trust, confidence and legitimacy are established, maintained and lost.


Media Updates

Statement - The approval of roadside drug screening devices - August 2018

On August 27, 2018, the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada approved the first roadside drug screening device to assist police in combating drug-impaired driving on our roadways


The CACP wraps-up its 113th Annual Conference

The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police’s (CACP) concluded its 113th Annual Conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia today and thanked their hosts


Chief Constable Adam Palmer becomes the new CACP President

The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) today announced that Chief Constable Adam Palmer of the Vancouver Police Department has been elected to serve as the new President of the association for a two-year term