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President of the CACP, Chief Clive Weighill discusses the 'grey zone' that exists as Canadians wait for the government to legalize marijuana


"The Dollars and Sense of Policing, Public Safety & Well Being in Your Community"  is a summary of the complexities and issues faced by police leaders today and the factors driving the demand for police services.  Police leaders, elected officials and policy makers, and interested members of the public may wish to refer to this document when discussing police issues.

Law Enforcement Information Management Study

As a precursor to the Canadian Community Safety Information Management Strategy (CCSIMS), and led by the CACP Information and Communications Technology Committee, an IDC Canada study was funded by the Canadian Safety and Security Program (CSSP). The objective of this study was to develop a common understanding of Canadian law enforcement's major investigative and operational systems (local, regional, provincial and federal levels) and to develop a common vision towards improved interoperability. 

Click here to see the report

Canadian Community Safety Information Management Strategy

The Canadian Community Safety Information Management Strategy (CCSIMS) is a strategic document that sets goals and identifies key national priorities to enhance governance, planning, technology, training and exercises to promote information management in Canada. The CCSIMS, through its Action Plans, provides a series of action items, including milestones, to help emergency responders and relevant government officials make measurable improvements in day-to-day operations, as well as emergency communications, on an annual basis.

CCSIMS Draft for Comment Sept. 2015

Click here to view the CACP Take 5 Video - CCSIMS

IACP Cyber Security Centre for Chiefs

Are you concerned about Cyber Security matters?  The IACP has supplied an educational site for Chiefs

Media Release - Friday June 19th 

CACP Statement on RCMP's "Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women - 2015 Update to the National Operational Overview"

Click here to download the media release 

Watch CTV Power Play 'Heavy Systemic Problems'


The New CACP Website

The new CACP website has been launched and it should provide much better access to the information you need.  We will provide better currency of information because it is now much easier to update the website with articles and pictures. We have also provided expanded capabilities for all the CACP committees so that all documents and work can be done within the CACP website.  Please take some time and browse through our new website – we know you will find it easy to use.  Member information can be found once you sign in as a member.

The "Scareware" scam

The CACP is warning the Public of a “Scareware” Scam.  The warning message uses the CACP name and directs the recipient to pay a ”fine”.  This is a SCAM.  For more information and tips to protect your computer please CACP Warning Of Scam

Upcoming Events

111th CACP Annual Conference

08/14/16 - 08/17/16

111th CACP Annual Conference


What Happens There Matters Here - Policing and Community Safety in an Increasingly Globalized World

09/25/16 - 09/27/16

What Happens There Matters Here - Policing and Community Safety in an Increasingly Globalized World


CACP Counter-Terrorism and National Security Forum 2016

11/16/16 - 11/17/16

The 2016 CTNS Forum will provide participants with: an understanding of the National Security Threat, the challenges associated with CT investigative efforts, and information on the four pillars – Prevent, Detect, Deny, and Respond.


Latest News

Police-reported crime statistics, 2015

Today, the Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics released “Police- reported crime statistics in Canada, 2015”


Minutes of the 110th Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police

Quebec City, QC, August 17, 2015


Media Release: Police Leaders / Indigenous Representatives Seek Common Ground on Solutions For Safer Communities

Winnipeg, Manitoba – Over the past two days, approximately 180 delegates from across Canada gathered in Winnipeg in a conference aimed at developing solutions and opening new forms of dialogue around issues that affect the community safety and well-being