IACP Leadership Awards

    The International Association of Chiefs of Police has several awards Canadian police leaders and officers are eligible to be nominated for. Access further details and nomination information about the following awards at www.theiacp.org/awards:

    Community Safety Awards

    1. IACP Leadership in Civilian Law Enforcement – Military Cooperation Award
    2. IACP Leadership in Community Policing Award
    3. IACP/ecoATM Leadership in Crime Prevention Award
    4. IACP/Security Industry Association Michael Shanahan Leadership in Public/ Private Cooperation Award
    5. IACP Leadership in Victim Services Award

    Emerging Issues Awards

    1. IACP Public Information Management Award
    2. IACP/Laura and John Arnold Foundation Leadership in Law Enforcement Research Award

    Investigations Awards

    1. IACP Chief David Cameron Leadership in Environmental Crimes Award
    2. IACP Leadership in Forensic Science Award
    3. IACP/Thomson Reuters Excellence in Criminal Investigations Award
    4. IACP/Leonardo Leadership in the Prevention of Vehicle Crimes Award

    Leadership Awards

    1. IACP Leadership in Human and Civil Rights Award
    2. IACP/BodyWorn by Utility Leadership in Volunteer Police Service Programs Award

    National Security Awards

    1. IACP Leadership in Homeland Security Award
    2. IACP/Booz Allen Hamilton Leadership in the Prevention of Terrorism Award

    Transnational Crime Award

    1. IACP Leadership in the Prevention of Transnational Crime Award

    Transportation Safety Awards

    1. IACP Leadership in Police Aviation Award
    2. IACP J. Stannard Baker Lifetime Achievement in Highway Safety Award
    3. IACP/3M Leadership in Looking Beyond the License Plate Award
    4. IACP Excellence in Traffic Safety Award

    40 Under 40 Awards

    The submission deadline for all leadership awards other than the 40 Under 40 awards is May 17th. Nominations for the 40 Under 40 awards is March 1st.