Goals and Guiding Principles

    The CACP RF promotes the creation, use and sharing of collaborative research in Canadian policing and will work to achieve the following goals:


    • Embed the principles and practices of evidence-based decision making within the culture of Canadian policing
    • Foster a culture that regards policing as a social science, a profession that observes ethics and values, and build a body of knowledge that is shared
    • Facilitate the development and adoption of a national research agenda focussing on current and emerging policing issues
    • Create a national network for the exchange and mobilization of Canadian policing information
    • Engage, consult and collaborate with professional and community partners to enhance capabilities in Canadian policing research
    • Identify and support governance and financial strategies for on-going sustainability

    Guiding Principles

    Research is inclusive - We believe that research is open and public, available to everyone from a Junior Constable to the Chief of Police.

    Research is cost effective - It helps communities spend money wisely because it positively impacts policing outcomes. Cost savings result from implementing a solution that has been successful in another community or from new research that finds a better solution to a current issue.

    Research is Canadian - A body of policing research based on Canadian culture, laws and policies is urgently needed by the Canadian policing community.