Frequently Asked Questions about the Research Foundation

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    What is evidence-based research and how can it benefit me?

    Evidence-based research allows police and their community partners to work smarter together and to have greater impact. It involves critical thinking and evaluation of information to determine the most effective and efficient solution for your community. Having research as part of your police officer toolkit will help you make better, more informed decisions.        


    Why should CACP members pay into evidence-based research? Why should it matter to me? Why should I care?

    Research is one of the tools that will advance the professionalization of policing. Without a body of evidence-based research to support and inform decision making, policing remains a trade, not a profession. An investment in promoting evidence based research is an investment in the future of policing. 

    Complex policing problems require new innovative solutions with strong leadership. We have reached a tipping point with the importance of and need for police research that reflects Canadian society, culture and legal framework. With its unique relationship to the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, the RF is the solution to tipping policing research in our favour, for the benefit of all.


    What’s the difference between CACP and the CACP RF?

    The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) is a member-based not-for-profit corporation dedicated to serving its members, approximately 500 Chiefs of Police and senior police executives across Canada.

    The Research Foundation is a charitable foundation aligned with the CACP, whose mission is to promote the creation, use and sharing of collaborative research in Canadian policing. 


    What kind of work is the CACP RF going to undertake? What will it produce?

    As a charitable foundation, our programs will focus on our mission – promoting the creation, use and sharing of collaborative research in Canadian policing. We are building out programs that align with this mission, and the mission of our parent organization, CACP.  Our role is as a collaborator, facilitator and connector, and as a hub of information that is – by definition – accessible to all.


    Why is the CACP RF best positioned to undertake this work?

    CACP RF has direct access to the full resources of Canadian policing through our relationship with CACP. The Research Foundation’s reach is wide – the Board has ties to academics and researchers, the private sector and the public sector – and as a result is strongly positioned to advance the ability of Canadian police professionals to make our communities safer. Our charitable status makes us a natural partner for police research collaborations, and unlike CACP, membership in the RF is inclusive and open to everyone involved in the pursuit of evidence-based policing. 


    Who can be a member of CACP RF?

    All active and life members of CACP are automatically members of CACP RF through our constitution. Our vision for CACP RF membership is that it is available to all – police executives, academics, police researchers and analysts, graduate students, police constables, police governance board members – as well as other members of the Canadian public.     


    How will the CACP RF be funded?

    The funding model for the CACP RF has three components: self-generated revenue, foundation grants and an operational grant from the parent organization (CACP). Long term, the RF will evolve into a mission-focussed subscription-based program where content and materials are shared through a community access portal.