Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Committee


    Support efforts to create and enhance practices that promote fairness, equity and inclusion through the identification, mitigation, and elimination of the impact of implicit bias and discrimination in practices and policies that may support systemic barriers, and to promote the advancement of diversity within policing institutions..


    1. Increase awareness and foster leadership commitment for equity, diversity and inclusion;
    2. Share best practices and policies in relation to equity, diversity and inclusion;
    3. Identify and promote training and educational opportunities specific to equity and inclusion;
    4. .Identify current and emerging equity, diversity and inclusion trends impacting policing and their communities;
    5. Support capacity building on inclusive leadership and ensure that all leaders can model inclusion and recognize opportunities to promote diversity by creating policies and processes that are free from all forms of discrimination including addressing topics such as implicit bias and the elimination of systemic barriers;
    6. Develop a common understanding of concepts and definitions related to equity, diversity and inclusion.


    Deputy Chief Michelle Davey and Deputy Chief Farica Prince


    • Equity, diversity and inclusion resources
    • Systemic racism

    Additional Resources

    File NameTypeLangSize
    CACP 2SLGBTQ+ Equity and Inclusion Toolkit - December 2020en2 mb
    CACP Glossary of Terms on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion - August 2020en730 kb
    CACP Systemic Racism Slide Presentation - August 2020en2 mb
    CACP Systemic Racism Teaching Guide - August 2020en580 kb
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