Crime Prevention, Community Safety and Well-being

    Mandate (new in 2014):

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    Advise on crime prevention and community safety matters affecting police services across the country. Provide leadership in adopting and promoting a comprehensive, inclusive approach addressing the root causes of crime and social disorder.


    1. Identify new models of collaborative and integrated approaches for community safety, health and well-being;
    2. Transfer knowledge and advocate for a better understanding of crime prevention through social development;
    3. Encourage outreach and education to garner support for crime prevention, community safety and well-being;
    4. Advance on emerging issues.

    Significant Accomplishments 2017-2018

    • National Framework for Collaborative Police Action on Intimate Partner Violence (IPV):
      • Developed and maintained communications through letters to Chiefs, as well as meetings and presentations with provincial and territorial ministries. 
      • Supported the implementation of provincial strategies in Saskatchewan and New Brunswick;
      • Worked with Chief Paulson (Dryden, ON) to get better context and understanding of IPV from the aboriginal perspective.
      • Prepared a national survey on the use and impact of the national IPV framework which was released in late third quarter of 2018.
    • Continued work with Telus on protection against cybercrime.
    • Examined HUB models throughout Canada for the development of a compendium of best practice guidelines.

    Initiatives Planned for 2019

    • Release a national survey on interpersonal violence.
    • Continue work with Telus to educate Canadians on ways to protect themselves against cybercrime.
    • Examine various “HUB” models throughout Canada to develop a compendium of best practice guidelines.
    • Examine opportunities to promote and advance community safety planning.

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