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    CACP/Motorola Award for Excellence in Emergency Preparedness:

    The CACP/Motorola Award for Excellence in Emergency Preparedness has been established to recognize a standard of excellence that exemplifies the combined efforts of police, fire, and emergency medical services in preparing their agencies for any subsequent response to natural or man made disasters leading toward the contribution and dedication to the quality of life in our communities

    The 2016 recipients of this award are:

    Emergency Preparedness Program:  Toronto Police Service in partnership with City of Toronto Office of Emergency Management - Emergency Action Planning Process for Special Events: A coordinated initiative that recognized a gap in assessing event risks and emergency planning.  The ultimate goal of the program was to develop a process for special event organizers to create emergency action plans to share amongst all stakeholders ensuring coordinated responses in the event of an emergency during a special event.

    Emergency Response Exercise: York Regional Police – for exercise Leviathan. This is the largest emergency management exercise in York Region’s history.  The aim of the exercise focused upon building resiliency through integration, cooperation and collaboration with many community stakeholders


    As a result of the devastating attacks on September 11, 2001 on the United States, security measures of not only Americans, but citizens of every country, have been heightened to ensure such an act of violence cannot happen again. The issue of global terrorism and how to fight and prepare for any attacks has led many public safety agencies to develop new policies and procedures to help with the prevention and response efforts.

    In addition to these terrorist attacks, major natural disasters such as the Quebec Ice Storms, Manitoba floods and BC forest fires, have accentuated the need for public safety agencies, as well as the public, to learn from these tragedies and establish the type of programs that can increase survival.

    Objective of Award

    • Bring well deserved recognition to those first responders who perform tirelessly each and every day whether during normal operations or training scenarios.
    • Share best practices among agencies as well as encourage other teams to develop and implement new programs.
    • Recognize the leadership efforts of Canadian public safety personnel in building partnerships, integration and teamwork, and innovative program design and delivery to facilitate effective and efficient emergency management and preparedness.


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