CACP - Motorola Solutions Award for Excellence in Emergency Preparedness

    This award has been established to recognize a standard of excellence that exemplifies the combined efforts of police, fire, and paramedic services in preparing their agencies for any subsequent response to natural or human-caused disasters.  This dedication to emergency preparedness contributes to the quality of life in our communities.

    Emergencies and disasters are occurring with greater frequency and complexity in our world. They can happen anywhere and anytime.   Whether caused by nature or by humans, communities and responders must be prepared to deal with them.  Emergency planning, preparedness and exercising before an emergency or disaster strikes, are crucial to ensuring that emergency responses are appropriate and successful in keeping communities as safe as possible.

    Two awards are presented to recognize each of the following:

    • an Emergency Preparedness Program
    • an Emergency Response Exercise

    The objectives of this award are to:

    • Bring well-deserved recognition to those first responders who perform tirelessly each and every day, whether during normal operations or training scenarios.
    • Share best practices among agencies as well as encourage other teams to develop and implement new programs.
    • Recognize the leadership efforts of Canadian public safety personnel in building partnerships, integration and teamwork, and innovative program design and delivery to facilitate effective and efficient emergency management and preparedness.


    • The award is open to all public safety agencies with the exception of private corporations in a stand-alone capacity.
    • Individuals, teams, or groups such as agencies, divisions, sections, and detachments are eligible.
    • Partnerships between police services, fire, and paramedic services are eligible and encouraged.
    • Cross-border teams and those consisting of public/private partnerships are also encouraged.


    Emergency Preparedness Program

    The program must have contributed to, or be a strong example of, one or more of the following:

    • Development and implementation of unique strategies and/or programs on emergency management and preparedness to keep citizens safe in both natural and human-caused emergencies.
    • Enhancement of communications within, and cooperation among, agencies. 
    • Continual improvement of services to the community. 
    • Increased awareness and promotion of community participation. 
    • Effective use of resources.

    Emergency Response Exercise

    The exercise must have completed a full cycle to be considered successful. Success includes not only the planning and implementation of the exercise, but the experience and lessons learned that followed the new practice and the documentation that demonstrates that the results of the exercise led to success during a real incident.


    • Submissions should include a description of:
      • the local project/process/initiative detailing how well it has achieved one or more of the selection criteria.
      • how the local project/process/initiative is an example of effective and continuous commitment to leadership in emergency management 
      • the leadership initiative and associated partnerships that have been created or enhanced 
      • why the project/process/initiative was undertaken
      • the key components of the work plan
      • the assessment of results
      • Additional information on how the initiative will unfold in the future as well as new activities that will be implemented
    • Multiple applications must be submitted for multiple projects.
    • Supporting material to a maximum of 4 pages, single sided, must be submitted for evaluation by the assessment committee
    • Local approval in support of the nomination must be granted by the senior managing officer of each agency 
    • The applicant must be a member of CACP, CAFC, or PCC.
    • Submit the completed Nomination Form and backgrounder (if applicable) to the CACP National Office by email at cacp@cacp.ca or by mail to Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, 300 Terry Fox Drive, Suite 100, Ottawa, Ontario, K2K 0E3.


    • The CACP National Office will submit the nominations received to the Selection Committee.
    • Every submission will undergo a peer review by the Selection Committee which consists of a special award panel of public safety professionals.
    • The Selection Committee will forward the recommendation to the CACP Board of Directors for final approval.
    • Annually, up to four awards will be presented in categories at the federal, provincial and municipal levels.
    • Upon approval of the CACP Board of Directors, the winning nominee(s)’ chief of police or senior executive-in-charge will be contacted and an invitation will be sent to the winning nominee(s) with details about the award ceremony.


    • May 31st, 2019 – Deadline to submit nominations
    • June 15th, 2019: Deadline for the Selection Committee to submit a recommendation to the CACP Board of Directors
    • July 2019 – The winning nominee(s) is/are notified
    • August 2019: The award will be announced/presented at the CACP Annual Conference.


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