CACP Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Conference

    The Path Forward: Creating Equitable, Diverse, and Inclusive Police Organizations

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    Goals and Objectives of the Conference

    • To inform, train and collaborate on equity, diversity and inclusion best practices in the policing and other sectors;
    • To build leadership and organizational capacity by identifying and eliminating barriers to inclusive police organizations;
    • To identify current and emerging EDI trends that impact the health of organizations and quality of service delivery to our communities;
    • To examine training and service delivery opportunities that help to maximize the health and effectiveness of police organizations;
    • To examine systemic racism and implicit bias within policing.


    Who should attend

    • Police Executive Members (inclusive of Chiefs, Deputies, Senior Officers and Civilians)
    • Police professionals (sworn and civilian) assigned to EDI specific roles
    • Members of Police Internal Support Networks
    • Police Human Resources, Training, Recruiting and Wellness personnel
    • Informal leaders who have influence in police organizations on how people think, how they behave, what is in and what isn’t.