Good News for Police ResearchBy The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police Research Foundation, CACP Bulletin, Summer 2014

    This article summarizes the first Canadian Police Executive Research Agenda published in March 2014.


    Making Better Decisions: Book Promotes Evidence-Based ApproachBy Len Garis and Bob Downie, CACP Bulletin, Summer 2015

    This article explains the evidence-based approach to decision making in policing and describes how The Right Decision manual and workbook can benefit police services.


    Tipping Point: CACP Research Foundation Conference Round-Up, By Susan Clarke (Executive Director of CACP RF) with contributions by Norman E. Taylor, Brittany Blaskovits (PhD candidate, Carleton University) and Hina Kalyal (PhD candidate, University of Western Ontario)

    This article summarizes presentations and outcomes of the first CACP RF Conference that took place in Montreal, QC in March, 2016.