A New Strategy

    2016-2018 Strategic Plan

    1. Provide high quality and innovative (mission-based) programming and services to meet the needs of the policing community

    • Create a national community portal for the exchange and mobilization of Canadian policing research and evidence-based practice
    • Enhance the CACP RF program in support of Canadian researchers
    • Collaborate with Public Safety Canada to enhance the Canadian Police Research portal
    • Summarize and translate research into actionable information using innovative, accessible formats


    2. Engage, consult and collaborate with professional and community partners to build capabilities in policing research

    • Conduct an annual needs assessment to determine the research and training needs of the policing community
    • Facilitate the development of an updated national policing research agenda in collaboration with community partners
    • Hold an annual national conference on topics of interest in policing research
    • Create and issue an annual award recognizing Canadian policing research activities that further the mission and vision of the organization
    • Forge partnerships and alliances that enhance or accelerate our ability to achieve our mission and vision
    • Develop the means to provide open access to information for community members within the Constitution of the CACP RF


    3. Develop financial strategies and infrastructure to ensure ongoing sustainability and delivery of strategic priorities

    • Maintain a balanced budget
    • Implement a fund development plan that maximizes the revenue potential through self-generated revenue, grants and support from CACP so as to achieve our goals
    • Build operational capacity (skills, knowledge, structures)
    • Develop and promote the CACP RF, its goals and programs


    4. Identify and adopt practices to support governance and operational effectiveness

    • Adopt a governance model of strategic oversight
    • Establish a succession planning process for the Board of Directors to align with the Constitution and strategic direction of the organization
    • Conduct a bi-annual strategic planning initiative
    • Formalize the relationship of the CACP RF to the CACP Board and membership